How we can Help you

Performance Capability

Wayjohn Surveying Inc. has two full time crews available for data collection.  Both crews are well versed in automated data collection and stakeout using Nikon and Topcon Total Stations as well as SMI and Topcon Data Collectors.  Both crews can also operate the Topcon RTK GPS system for data collection and stakeout.  Workload for both crews is average.  Typical response time to commencement of field work is 48 to 72 business hours after notice to proceed.  Typical field work completion time is less than one week for larger projects.  Typical completion time for projects is within one week after completion of field work.

Current Workload

Wayjohn Surveying Inc. currently has few extended projects ongoing.  The bulk of the projects that Wayjohn Surveying has at this time are ALTA Surveys, small engineering surveys, and construction projects under 10 acres.  Wayjohn Surveying Inc. is available for a larger project or on call services.

Ability to Meet Schedules

Wayjohn Surveying Inc. takes its deadlines seriously.  Wayjohn Surveying has consistently met deadlines set forth by the client.  Wayjohn Surveying works closely with the Title Companies in the Albuquerque area.  All of the Title Companies have tight deadlines for residential and commercial transactions, and Wayjohn Surveying Inc. has met their requirements for product turnaround.  In addition, Wayjohn Surveying Inc. works with national commercial survey brokers in the turnaround of ALTA surveys for commercial transactions.  These projects have stringent requirements for field work and for data presented to the client, as well as tight deadlines.  Wayjohn Surveying Inc. has consistently met their needs by providing on-time delivery of the required data.


Steve Coe, Developer (505) 275-0933

Fred Rivera, First Choice Custom Builders (505) 244-3800

Joe Tracy, Intera, Environmental Testing (505) 246-1600

Tim Lopez, Isis Development (505) 249-8282

George Rodriguez, Design Consultant (505) 610-0593

Christa Marsh, Fidelity National Title Company  (505) 332-7402

Joe Garvin, Hardison/Downey/Kitchell (602) 722-1223