About the Company

Reputation for Integrity and Competence

Wayjohn Surveying Inc. has been in continuous operation for over 30 years.  Wayne Johnston, the company’s founder, had an outstanding reputation for his commitment to completing a project correctly, on time, and within the estimated budget.  Thomas Johnston has continued that tradition.  Thomas Johnston is a past president of the Middle Rio Grande Chapter of the New Mexico Professional Surveyor’s association (2001-2002).  The Middle Rio Grande Chapter is the largest in the state of New Mexico, with over 100 members.  Thomas is committed to continuous communication with the client.  Wayjohn Surveying Inc. takes every deadline seriously.  Wayjohn Surveying Inc. has not missed a client deadline.

Affirmative Action Program

Wayjohn Surveying Inc. encourages diversity in the workplace.  In the past, Wayjohn Surveying Inc. has employed all races and genders.  Currently, Wayjohn Surveying’s makeup is as follows: approximately 60% White, 20% Hispanic, 10% Native American, 10% Women.   Wayjohn Surveying encourages the hiring of minorities and women to further the profession.  Wayjohn Surveying has instituted a policy of offering continuing education to all employees in order to retain minority and women employees in the profession.